About Us

The SWISSWELL brand originated in northern Europe and is headquartered in Xiamen, China. It is deeply influenced by the outdoor culture and extreme environment of northern Europe, they understand that modern urban consumers' demand for clothing goes far beyond simple protection. So, the SWISSWELL brand emerged a new life of fashion into traditional raincoats.

The SWISSWELL brand has always been dominated by functionality and technology in its design. For outdoor sportswear, comfort is one of the most critical elements. SWISSWELL has created products with excellent waterproofing, good breathability, excellent warmth retention, wear resistance, and tear resistance by using high-quality waterproof fabrics, completely solving the problems of traditional raincoats in terms of heat and moisture, and bringing people true comfort experience.

SWISSWELL's flagship raincoat series is highly favored by consumers for its optimized waterproof design and minimalist appearance style. In terms of overall brand style, SWISSWELL continues its iconic minimalist design, elevating the fashion attributes of individual items to a new level through carefully selected color tones and contrasting treatments, closely following modern people's pursuit of fashion trends, breaking the drawbacks of traditional outdoor clothing being rough and monotonous, and leading the outdoor sports community towards fashion.


Our Mission

We firmly believe that the connection between humans and nature is inseparable, and the boundless power of nature serves as an endless source of inspiration and enlightenment. Therefore, we are committed to designing and manufacturing high-quality outdoor apparel, aiming to facilitate a better integration of individuals into natural environments and allow them to experience the captivating charms of nature. Through innovative materials and techniques, we strive to provide comfortable, durable, and highly functional products that cater to the diverse needs of outdoor activities. Our goal is to deliver unparalleled experiences for every outdoor enthusiast while promoting the protection and respect for nature. Through our efforts, we hope to ignite a passion for nature, advocate for sustainable development, and collectively safeguard our planet, our home.