Perfect equipment for mountaineering
If you love climbing, you know that choosing the right clothing is essential to fully enjoy this activity. Climbing involves ascending vertical walls using our strength, technique and coordination, so we need clothing that combines comfort and protection, both indoors and outdoors.

Here we leave you some tips on the best clothing for climbing:💡

💡 Key Materials:
Cotton: Comfortable and adaptable, but does not evacuate sweat well.
Polyester or Polyamide: Highly breathable, although they tend to accumulate odors.
Merino Wool: Breathes well and does not retain odors.
Organic Cotton: Comfortable and breathable, with the resistance of its fibers.

👕 T-shirts:
For the upper part, merino wool and organic cotton are ideal. Short-sleeved t-shirts and tank tops offer freedom of movement, while long-sleeved ones protect us from scratches and sunlight. Choose according to your needs!

🩳 Pants:
Strong, stretchy jeans are very popular. Pants with special reinforcements at the knees and other strategic areas are also recommended. Seams on the knees provide greater comfort during movements.

❄️ For Cold Climates:
Thermal clothing top and bottom
Wool socks
Down jacket or windbreaker

🔆 For Warm Climates:
Baggy T-shirts
Thin leggings or baggy pants
Breathable footwear

👉 The perfect layers:
Wear a short or long sleeve thermal t-shirt as your first layer. On top of that, wear a windproof jacket, preferably with stretch fabrics to facilitate movement. In case of intense cold, a down or synthetic fiber jacket.

Remember that, in addition, at Swisswell we manufacture clothing with organic and sustainable materials, taking care of the environment!

See you at the top!